Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tatiana The Dog - A Modern Day Wonder Dog in Marketing

Case Study: Tatiana The Dog

Did you know that dogs can talk? And that I can prove it?

To get a feel for what I’m talking about, checkout this video by Tatiana the Dog.

See? Not only can Tatiana the Dog talk, but she can give real world advice to humans, in a very fun and playful way. I’d be willing to bet that Tatiana was so excited while filming this video, that her tail was gently wagging the whole time!

So who is this Tatiana, who dreamed her up, and for what purpose? Well, let’s start with Tatiana’s “human mommy”, Dora E. H. Crow. Dora is an author and an illustrator of the book, Winky and Wonder She wrote the book for her children as a way to present moral questions and teachings in a manner that would be entertaining, thought-provoking, and memorable.

I personally found Dora on twitter, as she asked me detailed questions about me and my business. You can get to know Dora through twitter too at - or you can follow Tatiana’s Twitter account

The Brand

Dora has created the Tatiana the Dog brand to deliver positive messages. In a time fraught with bad news and negative messages, it is truly a blessing to find a shining star that brings laughter and a light-hearted repose.

Browsing through all of Tatiana’s Videos, you get one big happy feeling. Let’s face it - Tatiana is fun.

The Secret

Tatiana’s and Dora’s strengths - that most of us could use a lesson in:

  • Form really great bond with others (customers included) - you need to get to KNOW them.
  • Be authentic and genuine with your messages.
  • Ask all sorts of questions about them and how you can help them.

These principles can be found in books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” - well worth the read!

The secret of Dora’s success is her consistent use of these principles. She genuinely tries to get to know everyone she meets online.

The Plan

The use of Tatiana the Dog, is an example of an uncommon application of a common message.

The social media tools that Dora utilizes creates a breadcrumb path online and several ways that Tatiana the Dog can be found. Let’s explore the tools that Dora uses:

  • Facebook Fan Page - Great place to meet Tatiana the Dog and all of her friends, as well as her human mommy!
  • Twitter - Tweet with Tatiana the Dog and know that it is OK to laugh out loud at work.
  • Tatiana the Dog - Visit Tatiana The Dog’s home page and check out her video blog.
  • YouTube - All the videos in one place, and event the ability to share Tatiana the Dog with your friends!
  • The Store - When you looking for a mug with a very cute mug of a talented dog…this is the place to go!

This plan is only in its infancy at this point, and rest assured Tatiana the Dog has more to come!

The Tools

Dora uses an assortment of tools across many social media platforms. The message is consistent and the branding is consistent. Tatiana the Dog is marketing wonder dog!

In every sauce there is a secret and the secret ingredient that make it all possible is Dora’s use of the CrazyTalk application to create videos that make her dog come to life, and tell all sorts of wonderful messages.

The Result

A viral sensation! People post responses to Tatiana’s videos simply because they have enjoyed the message. In addition you will find them sharing the link with their friends - that is the definition of creating a viral marketing message.

As you explore the branding wonder of Tatiana the Dog you’ll see that her videos are getting lots and lots of comments. From a marketing perspective, comments indicate that you’re getting great community involvement, which is a very powerful thing.

The Wrap Up

My kids have watched every movie that Tatiana has ever made, and always look forward to the next one. If you have kids, I highly recommend that you become a fan of Tatiana the Dog, or subsribe to Tatiana’s RSS feed so that you can keep with with Tatiana’s newest messages. Go ahead - Join the fun!

About the Author

Matthew Kettlewell is the President and CEO of Kettlewell Enterprises, Inc. In a past life, Matt was a very successful software engineer, working out the complexities of satellites orbiting the earth. Now he can be found breaking down the complexities of Internet marketing, and sharing his findings with others. For more, visit:

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Wood Burning Stove and LOA

Just the other morning, as I was shoveling out the ashes from our woodstove, I found myself actually enjoying myself. What had felt in the past as an unwelcome task now felt very fulfilling. I admired the little woodstove and the beautiful old bricks it sat upon. I felt happy to be cleaning it and revealing its charms hidden underneath. I felt such a contentment.. this was my very own cute little woodstove in my very own home!

For years I have been taking so many things for granted, rather than appreciating them; instead focusing on the stress of unexpected problems, demands from others, - all those responsibilities that are thrust upon us.

Do you remember your first car...? Did you love to wash it by hand, polish it, vacuum it, and detail the inside? My car was 7 years old when I purchased it, had quite a bit of rust - but I still loved that car. A 1971 Mustang Mach I .. a dream come true. It was a joy for me to care for this material item that I had longed for and now had! It's been years since then and years since I've enjoyed cleaning something. But that was the feeling that I was so lucky to recreate while cleaning the little woodstove this week..

For me, it's easy to love and appreciate my children. Every morning is Christmas morning to me; that is how happy I am to see them. But this week, I was also able to feel the wonder in the simple act of living.. cleaning, breathing, walking, and really SEEING the world, FEELING the world, BEING part of the world.

How did this come about? I had been seeking my purpose while working with Hemal Radia - learning about applying Law of Attraction to my life... it hasn't felt like "work" though. It's been quite fun, honest, and revealing. I have learned to stop trying to force LOA to work, learned to pay attention to my feelings.. and allow LOA to do the work for me.

May you, too, experience the same joy I felt when cleaning my woodstove ~ as you wash the dishes, dig the car out of the snow, or carry the garbage out. It's wonderful to be here, to be alive!