Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gratitude - Inspired by

There's a wonderful article at Ask and Allow Online which inspired me to write a short post today about what I am grateful for:

So many things to be grateful for! I’m grateful for the most important living things in my life: family, friends, and pets. Nature, physical comforts, enough to eat, a place to live. I’m grateful that I HAVE a home to clean.. rather than, “Oh, how I dread cleaning..”

I’m grateful that I can see: the beauty of another’s expression, the joy on my dog’s face as she brings her ball to me, the unique beauty of an old broken down barn with sunlight streaming through the cracks in its walls…

I’m grateful that I can hear: an airplane overhead right now, the fireplace crackling, even the hum of my computer! The click-clack of my dog’s toenails on the wooden floor, my children telling me about their friends, the music that makes me want to dance.

I’m grateful that I am here.. so many friends and family have passed on and experience the world differently now. I’m grateful that I can DO things in this world!

Thank you, Jessie, for causing me to take a moment and reflect upon all that I have!!

I'd love for you to visit the Ask And Allow Online site and let Jessie know what you are grateful for, too. You're going to love the way she writes!